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In 1997, I started studying empathy practices within the training of Nonviolent Communication. From 1999, I attended four international ten day trainings in Nonviolent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg. I eventually taught these practices in San Quentin and Cornell Corrections in San Francisco.

Marshall provided us with in depth training in methods which are the basis of some of the best mediation methods I've seen. These methods are based on Nonviolent Communication and an extension of it's use into mediation. By the way, Oprah's website named Dr. Marshall Rosenberg as one of 7 men transforming the world.

Also I am certified for state mediation and studied Work Place Mediation. My very first mediation involved people who I was told would kill each other if I did not arrive right away. Thankfully, they hugged instead.

Because of my background in Information Technology, designing and installing servers and network technologies at companies like Apple, Applied Materials, Cisco Systems and California State Automobile Association, I have an incredible ability to organize and design technology systems and data paths, assisting businesses in making important decisions using best practices.

After working in a number of contracts, I was able to easily witness some of the principles which made workplace environments the most advantageous to the company and to the workers. At one point during a discussion about insights of mine about organizations with a friend who was studying Organizational Development, he actually told me that I was describing several chapters of a book he was reading on the subject.

I welcome the opportunity to support companies in areas which involve technology, business decisions, group facilitation, workplace mediation, onsite psychotherapy and coaching.

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